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barrelScratching Barrel Diogenes

A tower for hiding, climbing, and everything fun. 
Total height 70 cm

This climbing barrel with altogether three openings is sure to become a favorite with your cat. It offers great chances to play, sleep, and hide.

Two of the dens are directly connected to one another, and the third serves as a place to retreat or sleep. 
The observation deck is also a comfy place to doze


kitty lakeKitty Lake

Magical-seeming cat toy: small basin with swimming toy and multi-coloured floor – for detective cats

The Kitty Lake is enchanting…

The exciting lake is ideal for inquisitive, detective cats. The magically glittering water with a swimming cat toy provides an interesting distraction. A treat can also be laid upon the swimming toy increasing the lure of this varied toy pool. 

The normal water reflections are strengthened by the multi-coloured floor.



cattunnelTrixie Crunch Rustle Tunnel

Fun and excitement for curious cats, in two different sizes

The Trixie Crunch rustle tunnel provides some excitement in your cat's life, stimulating its natural curiosity and sense of play with a unique rustling inner layer. The tunnel is made from high-quality nylon, offering maximum fun inside and out.

Colour may differ from illustration. Sizes: 

Crunch 2: length 115cm, diameter c. 30cm; with two side exits


catsenseCatit Design Senses Play Circuit

Exciting, expandable and variable cat toy for exercising dexterity and satisfying the natural hunting drive

Made with the cat's perspective in mind: new game and fun products which stimulate your cat's senses.

The senses of cats are extraordinary. They can hear sounds that our ears can't catch. They see things that are invisible to us. And their senses of smell, taste and touch give them an experience of the world which we can only guess at...