Cat care
catcareAlthough a cat washes and cleans itself a lot, their fur needs a proper care, whether the cat has long hairs or short hairs. By means of regular combing and brushing of the fur you can remove loose hairs and dirt...
Monthly health check
Regular health checks will help you detect health issues in an early stage. Checking your cat every month for common health issues might save you a lot of high veterinary bills and may even cause your cat to live longer.
The extra attention will always be beneficial for you and your cat. Read this article about a simple do-it-yourself health check for your best friend. Always report any issues you find to the vet!.
Cat video's
cat video
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Cat breed in the Spotlight
The Abyssinian cats are originally from the desert of Ethiopia, which was called Abyssinia at that time. The Egyptians, in the time of pharaohs and pyramid builders worshipped the sun above all (the god Aton) He was the most important..
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Getting a cat used to a dog..
cat and dogThe expression “living like cat and dog” isn’t just an expression. Cats and dogs are of course very different animal species, which cannot always understand each other perfectly because of their different character and different way of communicating..
Cat gadgets
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